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ComfoAir 350
Performance Curves
100% summer by pass
The ComfoAir (CA) 350 ventilation unit was specially developed for use in residential and commercial buildings with high ventilation demand. It combines maximum comfort, simple operation and high efficiency with flexible integration into building services. The CA 350 ventilation unit has powerful fans that moves 370 m3/h of air at an external pressure of 100 Pa.
The zhender CA 350 ventilation unit is characterised by its extra compact design. All air connections are located on the top. The air connections provide all the possible flexible connection options. The insulating, sound-absorbing pipe connections can be rotated to suit your needs, thus simplify installation of the ventilation tubes to the unit and simultaneously offer acoustic decoupling from the air distribution system.

    • Comfort ventilation up to 370 m3/h
    • Heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 90%
    • Moisture recovery with the Zehnder enthalpy exchanger (optional)
    • Low power consumption thanks to DC motors
    • Automatic 100% summer bypass
    • Frost protection function: Efficient even at low temperatures
    • Quick, safe installation and servicing
    • Simple operation
    • Integrated preheater and humidity control (optional)
    • Wireless remote control and filter replacement indicator
    • Geothermal heat exchanger control
    • Electrical and hot water postheater integration possible
    •Small minimum air volume, specially designed for single family houses
    • CO2 control (optional)
    • Digitale Bedieneinheit Ease oder

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Bypass for free cooling
The bypass is often used during hot days in the summer season. By allowing colder outside air in at night, the indoor temperature of the dwelling can be kept low during hot days. The bypass works automatically. All you have to do is set the required comfort temperature.
Technical Data
Model Number m3/hr Max/Min air volume dBA Width Height weight
ComfoAir 350 325 325/40 m3/h 59/74 625 800 35

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